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Reflect on your current digital presence. When you Google yourself, what results do you get? Do those results reflect who you are and how you want others to perceive you? In what ways will your website help you in creating or modifying your existing digital presence?

I’ve personally never had much of an online appearance, so when I Googled myself I didn’t find anything. Instead, the results I did see were of other people with my same name who just show a similar ethnicity as me under google images. I also saw links to LinkedIn profiles and articles or academic papers those people have written. I wasn’t really surprised about these results on Google that don’t represent me or accurately reflect who I am since I’ve always kept myself very private throughout the years on online platforms, but as I read Cordell and Posner’s articles I do understand the importance of having an online presence now. As Cordell mentioned in his article called “Creating and Maintaining a Professional Presence Online: A Roundup and Reflection,” an online presence allows for people to be able to make academic and network connections. He also mentions that although we wouldn’t want people to find embarrassing photos of ourselves from social media, we also wouldn’t want people to not find us at all because an online presence allows us to show our growth as scholars and professionals. This is never something I considered before since I was always nervous to share more about myself online, but I believe that if I were to present myself more online while also being conscious about what I post, I would want to share more while still being perceived in a relatable and professional manner. I also learned from Posner’s article, “Creating Your Web Presence: A Primer for Academics,” that we as individuals can still express our personal lives on the internet and be considered professional if we maintain our privacy settings and are considerate of others while posting personal opinions online. I agree with her opinion and believe that it truly can be maintained and benefit us in the long run by having a professional online presence. I believe my website will help me in creating my digital presence by allowing myself to be more easily accessible on the internet, while also being able to professionally share my knowledge and opinions on various topics that people can relate to and enjoy reading. I would also want to have a place online where people who are interested in similar opinions or passions could learn more about me or further knowledge I can share. What is also interesting to me is by creating a professional setting for myself online, I can choose what I want people to know about me rather than only having opinions of what other people may think of me, which can confirm or deny any biases online by having the opportunity to do so to begin with. It would also allow me to receive more opportunities through scholarly and professional fields as Cordell and Posner mentioned since the online world is a great method in which people can meet and reach out to one another. Especially in this day of age, social media and online presences can allow many different people to meet and interact with one another more than what in-person opportunities may allow. Now that I’ve read these articles and have a deeper understanding of the importance in having an online presence, I believe it is essential to take advantage of the opportunity to be our own narrators to our values, knowledge, and beliefs.

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Welcome to my Website. This is where I’ll be posting my thoughts and opinions in short blogs for my HIST-390 course. Feel free to join me this semester and learn along with me!